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Pancreatic Cancer

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Why is there a World Pancreatic Cancer Day?

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most severe and aggressive types of cancer, for which there is, as yet, no cure. 340,000 people a year contract pancreatic cancer and 16,500 of these are in Germany.

Men and women are equally affected. Unfortunately, more and more young people are contracting this treacherous illness. And the tendency is increasing.

It’s a topic you’d prefer to push aside, but which urgently requires that we look closely, in order to help efficiently. Because it’s about prolonging life through specific therapies, winning back a high quality of life and, psychologically stable,  tackling the tremendous challenges of this life-threatening illness. Specialist information about therapeutic possibilities, medicines, rehab hospitals, doctors, and nutrition for affected people and much more can be very helpful. We want to throw light on this, because pancreatic cancer is unfortunately still relatively unknown and paid little attention.


How did the World Pancreatic Cancer Day start?

Various representatives from different organisations, TEB self-help group was among them, met up in Geneva in 2013 to find a common way to make the general public more aware of this illness. We all agreed that a special day should be launched.


An international work-group was founded, which immediately created the World Pancreatic Cancer Day. This took place for the first time on November 13th. 2014, also in Germany.

In May 2016 the international work-group was re-named


60 organisations from 27 countries are now campaigning and demanding that pancreatic cancer is recognised and treated more quickly and that there is more intensive research.

Our small brochure

gives a short overview of the 4th World Pancreatic Cancer Day. If you would like to lay them out for us somewhere, we will be happy to send you some printed copies. Please send your request with your name and address and where the brochure will be displayed to:

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